For three generations, Mobili Vivarelli has been furnishing homes with competence, style and passion.
We start from your desires and your needs, develop an idea that turns into a project and finally create spaces that represent you. Spaces that tell the story of who you are and what you love.

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Restyling apartment in Zurich

An apartment in Zurich, inhabited by a family, with the need for an optimization of the living area to adapt it to their new needs.
The apartment had a large open space that included kitchen and living room.
In the living room, they expressed the need to create an office that would also act as a guest room.

The new design of the living area revolves around the bookcase that frames the fireplace which replaced the old Swedish stove.
The realization includes a new wall that hides a large full-height sliding door to divide the office space. Depending on the needs, it can guarantee privacy with the door closed or remain an integral part of the living room with the door open.

The bespoke bookcase features an interplay of full and empty spaces and is finished in cherry wood, rope lacquer and graphite accents. The fireplace is covered in ecru ceramic with inclined three-dimensional elements that resemble a stone optic.

The dining area has an extendable table with a cherry wood top and inclined graphite legs superimposed on each other in an asymmetrical way with a central joint.
The leather chairs guarantee longer durability over time.
In the office, we have optimized the spaces by creating a bridge library under which the desk with white lacquered steel structure and wooden top and drawers is inserted.
Neutral shades give brightness and warmth to the environment. The sofa bed allows this area to be flexible and functional.