For three generations, Mobili Vivarelli has been furnishing homes with competence, style and passion.
We start from your desires and your needs, develop an idea that turns into a project and finally create spaces that represent you. Spaces that tell the story of who you are and what you love.

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Interior design

The spaces in which we live are an integral part of our life and become its reflection over time.
Interior design is about the design of spaces and furnishings of an environment down to the smallest detail, be it a private home, an office, a business or other.
Through careful and targeted study, it is possible to exploit every small space in an apartment, transform a home to make it more comfortable and suitable for the needs of those who live in it, creating new and flexible environments, working on the style, materials, colors, type and arrangement of the furniture and lighting.


The choice that we give you for your home furniture is really wide. With us, you can decorate every room in your home with the best furniture brands.
We offer you the highest quality, long-lasting furniture, made with the best materials designed according to the latest trends.
Thanks to Mobili Vivarelli you have bespoke furnishing solutions, modular kitchens, night and day environments, outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting at your fingertips, to satisfy the numerous requests of a heterogeneous clientele sensitive to new domestic trends.


We collaborate with expert carpenters to create furniture objects from scratch or make changes and adaptations to size.
Through artisan realization, we bring to life furniture that meets the customer’s needs, identifying ad hoc raw materials, design and finishes. Dimensions and shapes no longer have limitations. The result is a personalized and exclusive environment. The key word is uniqueness.


With the same care with which we design private interiors, we also create work and reception spaces, from offices, to the bars and restaurants. We study the best solution to combine functionality and style, designing welcoming and comfortable environments. Thanks to our partners, we are able to provide, even in this area, a detailed project and complete, tailor-made service. We take care of the logistics, ensuring delivery and assembly.

Rendering 3D

Would you like to transpose all your ideas into a 3D project that faithfully reflects your preferences? Whether you need to renovate or simply change furniture and decorations, 3D rendering design is undoubtedly of great help to simulate the final result in advance and easily make any changes in real time. Photorealistic renderings have a definition very similar to a photograph and this allows you to also evaluate the aesthetic aspect of the furniture and not only technical aspects such as measurements and dimensions. The use of photorealistic renderings during the design phase allows you, for example, to compare different finishes of the furniture and match these finishes with the floors, coordinating them with the window frames and colors of the walls. Thanks to the 3D rendering design, the customer has the exact perception of what he is buying and what the final result will be once the furniture is assembled in his home.

Delivery and assembly

The path to the home of one’s dreams also passes through the delicate stages of delivery and assembly of the furniture in which we take care of all the problems that derive from it. An example is the import documents and customs clearance, with the aim of bringing the products in the quickest and most advantageous way to the customer’s home. National deliveries and assembly within Italy are carried out by our specialized internal staff, guaranteeing perfect work where attention to every detail enhances the entire furnishing project. The relationship with Mobili Vivarelli does not end with the purchase but continues over time thanks to our after-sales service in which we guarantee the necessary assistance to our customers.

Wedding gift list

Why not make a wedding gift list entirely dedicated to your home? Many future spouses choose to let the guests contribute to their new home project. You can insert different furniture, or furnishing accessories, a kitchen, lamps and create with our support a wedding gift list that will last over time and will be the first project you will carry out together with your sweet half.

How we works

Our projects follow a precise plan:

– Analysis of customer needs
– Interior design and study of the furnishings
– Definition of materials and creation of the moodboards
– Rendering (on request)
– Transport and assembly
– After-sales assistance